Je kunt de toekomst zien

Geplaatst op 12 november, 2023 

”I’ve got this theory
that you can see inside yourself in the same proportions as you can see externally.
So if you are in a city and you see a wall, wall, wall,
or in a forest tree, tree, tree,
and then you look inside yourself you get muddled up as to what’s close and what’s far away.
And if you are in a desert or by the sea or something like this,
you have this amazing sense of space.
And then you can see things are close and far away,
and see everything in proportion,
and then you can see clearer.
This is what I think.
I feel good when i am surrounded by a big open empty space.
So you can see what’s coming,
you can see the future.”

Justin Sullivan

FROM HERE – 40 Years NEW MODEL ARMY (english) | Rockpalast | Documentary 2020

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