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Geplaatst op 27 mei, 2009 

Via Twitter kwam ik op het spoor van Alan Sharland wiens werk prima aansluit bij het gedachtegoed van Geweldloze Communicatie.

Een aanrader is zijn e-book ‘Contemplations on Communication and Conflict’. Vooral het hoofdstuk over lichaamstaal raakte me omdat het ‘lezen’ van lichaamstaal gepaard gaat met een heleboel aannames, interpretaties en oordelen. Ik schreef Alan hierover:

Especially the article on body language touched me. I felt relieved reading your point of view on body language. It helps me to let go of  perfectionism, both listening, being present in the moment, and also reading and scanning the other persons body language and also mastering my own body language is indeed ‘a hell of a job’.

Om een indruk te geven hier de inhoudsopgave van het e-book:

1.  Conflict Resolution in the Bird World (….or how to find a win/win solution with someone who seems to be a bully.)
2. Tolerance Can Be Overrated (….or why conflict avoidance, under the guise of tolerance, can be a dangerous thing.)
3. My body language, my tone of voice, the colours I’m wearing…. They don’t mean a thing. (….or why, when we treat ‘non-verbal communication’ such as ‘body language’ as if it is a science, it leads to disconnection between us.)
4. Trouble on the Tube (…or why standing up for someone and ’taking sides’ can be one of the main causes of the escalation of conflict)
5.Would you rather be right or happy? (…..or why responding to a personal conflict as if it is a competition can be a challenge but it won’t bring us happiness)
6. Denial is not a river in Egypt!*(…or why responding to a conflict by trying to avoid it or pretending it doesn’t exist doesn’t work)
7. 3 Cheers For Conflict! (…or how, if we can accept conflict as inevitable, we can step back and see it as an opportunity for Learning, Connection and Insight)

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