Power is a gift

Geplaatst op 10 mei, 2009 

In ‘In je kracht zetten‘ schreef ik over de ‘Ik-kan-jou-in-je-kracht-zetten-illusie’ die ik in de wereld van coaching, healing en discussies over leiderschap wel eens tegenkom.

Een interessante kijk op het fenomeen ‘Kracht’ las ik in het boek ‘The New Codependency’ van Melody Beattie. In het hoofdstuk ‘The secrets to power’ schrijft zij:

‘When we align with power, we don’t have to worry about how we’ll set that boundary or what we’re going to say. When we remove the blocks and barriers – and when we get out of the way – power comes through us, We speak our truth, take care of ourselves and do what we’re meant to do naturally. But it is not “our” power. It belongs to the universe. Power is a gift we get to use.’

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2 Reacties to “Power is a gift”

  1. Gertrud Althausen on mei 10th, 2009 12:12

    True and we get it only if our heart is open.Learned this when doing experimental family constallation work and found it in the book from Anneke Rooselaar:
    Kernkracht There is a meditation to connect will power and love:
    Meditation to connect will power and love
    quiet inner work like

    Lay down, relax and close your eyes.
    Imagine a place where you like to be in nature.
    Comfort yourself in that place. It is beautiful.
    Nice weather, beautiful flowers, butterflies all over the place, birds are singing.
    Suddenly you see an uphill path and you decide to go there.
    Feel your feet on the ground with every move while climbing the mountain.
    After a curve in the way you see something on the ground.
    What is it?
    Is it a sword or a bowl?
    Stand still and feel how you feel now you have found this item.
    Take it into your hand. Look at it.
    What does it look like, what color?
    Is it big or small, heavy or light?
    Which characteristics does it have, what
    feelings do you connect to it?

    Draw the item as you saw it in the meditation and write down everything about it.
    Than you lay down again and continue the walk.
    You enjoy the surroundings, the silence and you like to have the item with you just found.
    Just before you reach the top of the hill you find the second item (sword or bowl) Ask the same questions you asked when you found the first item,
    draw it too and write the answers down.
    Then take the second item too and continue the walk to the top.
    When you come to the top of the hill you have an item in each hand.
    Which item radiates the most energy?
    The sword or the bowl?
    Than suddenly the sun breaks through the clouds you stand surrounded by sun light.
    What is happening now?
    Does the sword and bowl work together and how do they do it?
    What is the energy between the two items?
    Write it all down.
    Then come back into the present and read what you have written.
    The story tells you how you handle will power and love.

  2. Peter de Kock on mei 10th, 2009 15:42

    Bedankt voor je meditatie Gertrud. Ik heb wel iets met het zwaard geloof ik.

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