Gedissocieerde samenleving

Geplaatst op 2 mei, 2011 

”The irony is that people who are dissociated often seem very healthy and they seem fairly normal because they ARE fairly normal because that’s what normal in our society is. We live in a very dissociated society. We live in a society that’s very split off from its rage, from its feelings, from its sadness, from its misery, from its suffering and also from its incredible potential.and its joy.”

Daniel Mackler

Of zoals Robery Burney het zegt:

“We live in emotionally dishonest and Spiritually hostile societies. Trying to get sane in an insane world is crazy-making!”

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2 Reacties to “Gedissocieerde samenleving”

  1. Petra on mei 2nd, 2011 12:13

    That’s why it’s so important to look inside and to understand that we can blame society for all this, but it won’t help. Society and all we see is a reflection of our own mind…

  2. Peter de Kock on mei 2nd, 2011 17:43

    @Petra: met de vinger wijzen is, zoals ik het zie en heb ervaren, deel van het rouwproces.

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